Huobi Gloal
I am posting this to warn users of Huobi that their funds and privacy are at risk.
I have been using Huobi for a number of years and I have submitted all relevant documents to pass KYC and I have been verified.
Anyway I have deposited and withdrawn many coins /tokens over this time without any incident, However they have upgraded their withdrawal process. Here is my story.

I deposited 0.2 eth into my Huobi wallet to trade into another coin. This process went quite smooth. Anyway after trying to withdraw my tokens to my Ledger/Metamask wallet I was confronted with a further process to complete before I could withdraw. They requested that I provide evidence that the tokens that I had originally deposited belonged to me. I thought about this for a while and decided to provide this evidence.
I sent a screen shot of my metamask wallet. expecting this to satisfy them. I then received an email saying that I needed to complete further proof on how I obtained the .02 eth.
I had originally exchanged another token from my Atomic wallet and then I had transferred them to Metamask. So I sent another screenshot of my Atomic wallet transfer and My Metamask wallet. Expecting this to satisfy them.
Then I received this note in my Huobi account.

Hello, if your asset was bought from Atomic Wallet Wallet, please provide the following payment records, corresponding transaction records and wallet download links. After receiving it, we will give you feedback thank you.

I have refused this information as I believe this is an infringement of my legal rights to privacy. I have sent them a message to confirm this. This letter has accused them of theft and I will be making a Police complaint in my country of Australia. I also mentioned that I will be posting this online to help other Crypto users.

The reason that I am posting this is to warn people of this situation and how Huobi have held my funds to ransom to obtain illegal information. I am glad that it is only .2 eth, however at times I have had large deposits there and this seems very odd and could possibly be used by third parties if they were hacked like Ledger had just been.
I have multiple accounts over many exchanges and have done so for the last 7-8 years. I have never been confronted with anything like this.
So the long and the short of this is to be careful with large exchanges and possibly trade using a DEX.

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