I sold my Bitcoin to help my family

So last November (early in the month) I had a few thousand dollars in Bitcoin. I received the phone call I have waited for, for 37 years and I had about $100 left in the bank because I just paid a bunch of bills and have hardly made anything since Covid started. Well my father has been missing since 1986 and he called me and needed me to help him (he just had a massive stroke and was homeless and was about 10 hours drive away from me) he was presumed legally dead a long time ago and has literally nothing to his name, can't get Medicare, his social security, literally no help whatsoever without being declared living. I have been doing everything I can to help him and because of Covid I can't get his death certificate rescinded! Holy nightmare! I lost several more thousand dollars by selling my Bitcoin and I wouldn't change it because Bitcoin literally saved my father's life. I had bought a couple hundred dollars worth of bitcoin back in 2012 but for the life of me I can't remember how or where I bought it (trust me I looked until I felt absolutely crazy) if I could find that I could change my entire family's lives and pay for a lawyer to help my dad! Oh well, I hope that someone finds my story interesting. I really don't want to tell anyone yet about why my father was missing but I will eventually tell my story and hopefully make a movie about it and it will be something that nobody has ever expected.

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