Upgrade Wallet v0.13.0.4 to v0.17.1.9

Hey folks,

I try to reactivate my old Monero wallet and want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly as I belief there had been a critcal bug in the old wallet.

I downloaded the new wallet from www.getmonero.org and validated the checksum. Question: ist that the official source for the wallet?

Next: Windows Defender warns me about executing the monero-wallet-gui.exe. Question: can you confirm that ist normal behaviour? I belief it is because of the integrated miner?

Next: I would like to use my existing wallet file combined with the existing .key file from v0.13.0.4. Question: is it possible or do I have to re-enter my seed? I'm using a Ledger.

Next: I'd prefere not having to sync the whole Blockchain. Question: are there public Nodes I can safely use or is it totally not recommended?

Any further recommendations?

Thanks for your help. Monero is the best, glad this community exists.

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