How to censor monero?

a gov can decide "fuck that shit, lets pull some strings and fuck it up"
"that shit" being:
– whatever
"those strings" being:
– amazon-aws (recently in murica)
– isps (in europe countries past decades (blocking tpb and such) and elsewhere or even recently to combat censorship (ikr xD) by blocking access by default to facebook and twatter for their customers)
– at this point its more like, what strings cant be pulled ya know

a decentralized thingy that has no door to knock at doesnt have strings to pull (well, still kinda cause "its all a whales game" but thats not the point)

cant be all like asking to talk to the manager of bitcoin ya know, thats more difficult than that (well, could go on a tangent how the consensus can be fucked with "basically doing a 51% inside the community" but still not the point)

we be using ipv4, ipv6 but mostly still ipv4 addresses if am not mistaken
the range of ips in ipv4 already so full that even starlink (as an isp) had to do the whole cgnat thingy meaning that unlike what a lot are used to (having their own ip address, being able to port forward […]), those ip addresses be like shared between customers so to port forward for a public node there might be some challenges
so maybe in the coming years there will be less and less customers having their own ip and it could be the majorities of them would be going to corporations rather than individuals, individuals mostly could be using cgnat thingy instead

with the recent attacks on the montero network, someone knocked at ovh's door (malicious nodes were on their vps), not sure how that went, ovh are awesome tbh
but even as a montero maxi i would argue that i rather ovh to decline those requests, they always allowed cool shits that are not allowed on other vps and have some insane ddos protection and whatnot (aight aight, not gonna turn this into an ad for ovh)
either way, still not sure how that went but last news i read was that it needed something like the manager of montero to talk to them (remembering some cryptocoins that couldnt get listing because nda couldnt get signed since community project and no manager office to knock the door at)
either way, if they indeed ended up closing those vps, very shortly at the same time some tor ips had to be added to the optional blocklist

venezuela had it fucking rough the past years (decades even), mesh networks being a type of technology that really helps in those situation
but apparently, even mesh networks can be censored

so lochamesh could help fighting against monero censorship but not fully

a gov could pull strings to vps providers to block monero nodes hosting
a gov could pull strings to isps to block addresses on the monero network, exit nodes and such
a gov could pull strings to cisco so they can build a great firewall to block the montero network
a competing gov could shoot up low orbit internet satelites
jammers could be run to block mesh networks from working
a company could do a patent attack licensing some shits up

/u/XMR2020 you removed a comment earlier from that dude that was saying that "yes, monero is a far right fascist tool", lets not make it into politics or i fucking swear am gon loose my shits but…
that was interesting reading that someone on the subreddit do think that and it wasnt just from the wikipedia page, i actually wasnt expecting someone in here would think something like that while they themselve be using the montero
anyways, point is, cant avoid having some weird ass people being all about that poltic thingy and putting political labels on things that have literally nothing to do with that type of stuff, like, its an opensource software, not….. anyways, you know, dont make it about politics
even tho… that's the easy way to censor, put a label on something even if it isnt and then make that excuse that its for the greater good to censor it cause its from that side that is bad
and that this is a thread about censoring montero so can just put a bad label on the montero and censor that fucker ya know… anyways, yeah, just dont make it about politics

feel free to add up ways the montero could be censored, counter argument some ways that could be too farfetched and whatnot or ways that could prevent that type of attacks on the montero

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