If someone were to demand Monero as a random payment…

Set the scene;

Bad guys kidnap the world’s most famous figure. World news picks it up and it’s on a 24 hour stream in all languages. It’s all over papers. Social media. TV. Radio. Everyone in every town is taking about it.

The bad guys demand an EXORBITANT ransom payment in Monero, the mass media pick up on the name but half ignore the name because they don’t fully realise what it is.

Everyone and their mother’s are at home like: “They’ll never get that amount and even if they do, they’ll never get away with it”.

BUT the bad guys DO get away with it thanks to Monero (just for your peace of mind, the world’s most famous figure survives, yada yada).

Would Monero coin shoot up in value higher than BTC?

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