Monero is an Equal coin.


I think SpawnMagic has invented thé best name possible for Monero. Equal coin not only sounds much better and less agressive than Privacy coin but most important ou its a name that will give Monero what it needs the most.

In fact when people will hear Equal coin they will search thé web to understand what it means and they will discover bitcoin is not fungible but xmr is.

More importantly Equal coin just sounds neutral and inoffensive although privacy coin sounds agressive FOR MOST PEOPLE. In order to get to the next level whether you want it or not Monero will need to be accepted and embraced by the regulators at some point like bitcoin did. And when the Time of these régulations will come for Monero the Law makers will just be more prone to be favorable for Monero if it is commonly refered as an Equal coin and not a Privacy coin.

The term Equal coin will embody the step of maturity Monero needs to make to evolve into an even more powerfull revolution.

Please make sure you use Equal coin to speak about Monero, believe me this will give Monero much more than what you can expect. This term is as powerfull as a Steeve Jobs marketing campaign

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