All My friends started to freak out about Bitcoin 30% dump. For the love of god! First rule of Bitcoin is to HODL. If you can’t HODL through 30% dump, you don’t deserve 30000% pump.

BTW, I lost 60% of my initial investment in Bitcoin and some other altcoins 1 week after I made my first time purchase. I felt like throwing up, but after that dump, I started to do research more about Bitcoin. It's the future. And then I started to HODL and DCA my purchase. I felt nothing about yesterday's dump because I was still in huge profit even when Bitcoin correct 50%


1)the government are printing unlimited amount of money

2) Smart Money (Whales) number are growing rapidly

3) The retail investor FOMO hasn't really started yet

4) Time in the market will beat timing the market

So, stop freaking out, and start HODL the fuck up!

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