Monero improvement ideas

First idea.

What if every transaction would have timer. Timer would specify if transaction should be brodcasted in 1 hour – 24 hours and 1 day to 7 days. If I for example specify in timer 3 days and my transaction value is for example 1 monero. It would be sent in random values thru those 3 days to complete transaction of 1 monero. 1 day transaction one 0,5 later that day transaction 0,05 second day 0,22 third day 0,03 next transaction 0,07 next transaction 0,03. Fees was ommited in this example.

Second idea.

You could specify to timer also to how many wallets should it be randomly sent. For example 1 recieving address to max 10 addresses.

Third idea.

What if monero blockchain code would have inherent property for every seed that if 100 transactions will be sent it would auto hold ballance and would ask for user to send ballance to newer address + seed created and all of older transaction and that old seed after sending complete ballance would be deleted with all of its history to make monero blockchain every time someone makes 100 transaction smaller and more secure because frequent users of monero will have once in while wipe of transaction history and blockchain size wont grow so much with this.

Is anything from my ideas possible? Take it with grain of salt as an ideas from random user.

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