Thoughts on Monero’s investment potential

Hi all,

I posted here last year when Monero came to my attention after reading about how it offers a level of security above Bitcoin, not showing transactions on the blockchain. I’m not very clued up if I’m honest, but straight away this seemed interesting as Bitcoin is supposed to have anonymity at its core.

Since then, I’ve always had it in my mind that Monero’s value will explode sooner or later. In my mind, as censorship becomes more and more extreme, so will the public’s desire to counter this and with Bitcoin firmly in the public eye I thought this would give exposure to coins like Monero.

Is this a daft reason to invest? I know how volatile crypto’s are and would only invest what I could afford to shrug off if I never saw it again.

I’ve also seen the headlines recently regarding bounties from government agencies for cracking Monero, countries banning its use etc. Surely in a game where anonymity is the goal – authorities trying to shut something down for being too anonymous should be attractive? Maybe I’m missing something.

Any thoughts you have on the topic, anything you think I might not be considering etc; much appreciated.

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