Thoughts on Non Privacy coins

It seems clear that we all agree privacy coins > non privacy coins. From my current understanding, XMR is similar to BTC just better. It offers scalability (faster / cheaper transactions), more decentralization (asic resistance), and complete privacy.

I think the reason for BTCs popularity is the first mover advantage and simplicity. I do not think network effects are as strong here because of the similarities between using crypto. It is not difficult to generate a new wallet or to trade a crypto for another.

Does anyone else see issues with ETH? I have been interested in the project for a while but I wonder if the lack of privacy is even more problematic with ETH than BTC. I cannot deny that the ideas of decentralized applications, codes as law, and immutability are good ones, but there seems to be so much complexity in the project it makes me suspicious. Maybe I am just not smart enough yet to fully wrap my mind around it.

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