Start measuring your BTC gains in percentages rather than monetary value and you’ll see that mass adoption and exponential growth is yet to come

I constantly see posts about a price target or hard number, but I urge everybody to look at their BTC gains through a percentage form. Seeing as to small cap stocks are getting boosted 10-15% every day the market opens due to monetary and fiscal stimulus, BTC has a lot of room to grow because a mere $3,000 increase on a $30,000 price per BTC is just a 10% gain. You will start seeing a parabolic run when you consistently see 15-20% runs day after day, and that’s when you know the exponential growth is coming. We are all so early and have a ways to go. Keep hodling strong and remember some of the reasons that people get into BTC in the first place – not just for quick gains but for freedom from the traditional finance system that was so oppressive to begin with. It’s time for the banksters to play our game, and I’m not surprised if they secretly bought BTC too. Never let them spread disinformation to make you sell your BTC.

Vires En Numeris. ✌️

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