YSK: How to speedup your monerod on HDD drive?

I spoted that my monerod nad monero-blockchain-imports slows down my HDD drive to craw (v0.17.1.9 from https://www.getmonero.org/downloads/#cli ) . Other programs are working just fine with speeds around 80MB/s both ways. But when i was starting monerod or blockchain import my speeds was slowing down to crawl – 100-200kb/s.

I dig a bit into this issue and i spoted that monerod for some reason is spaming like crazy fsyncs – orders to synchronize write cache to drive. I understand it's made to protecy my data from being unavailable, but it's spamming them 6 times per second – it's far more often than PostgreSQL and sqlite3. So i installed eat-my-data lib which disables fsyncs, osyncs and similar slow downs ( https://www.flamingspork.com/projects/libeatmydata/ ) and my speeds from 200kb/s went into stable 2MB/s.

Another plus is that i can still use my drive like normal – Thunderbird which have some email accounts on the same hdd is not longer freezing – movies are plaing without issues. Yeah – your data are not as secure as They was in case of power failure, but i think there should be some option to disable this fsync spam – user experience is much better, SSD live will be much greater thanks to write cache working as intended – and you can use your computer without issues when full node is running.

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