Funding 100s of Bitcoin Addresses on Paper Wallets at lowest possible Fee, Advice Requested.

I’d like to fund say 100 unique BTC addresses with semi-random amounts of fairly small amounts of Bitcoin.

I plan on then printing a single paper wallet that I can use as gifts/promos for clients for my business.

Would using Bitcoin Core be the ideal way to accomplish this?

I can write a script for the process for batch processing (create new address/random amount to fund/export the public and private keys) from Bitcoin Core into printable wallets. That isn’t the issue.

My QUESTION is how do I accomplish this at the lowest possible fee because out of say the 100 or 200 “Paper Wallets” the amount each address is funded with will be relatively low. ($4-$10; with some “lucky” wallets @ $15, $20, and one or two “jackpot” wallets at $100 or $200.

However because 97% of the (100-200) wallets will be funded with only a few dollars worth of BTC (0.00010000) I need to keep the fee to fund low.

Would using Bitcoin Core, funding a single address (Master Account) from one of my primary BTC addresses with say $1000 or $2000 worth of BTC, and then using the send to multiple addresses in a single transaction (all from that single address) be the cheapest way?

Is a no fee transaction even possible these days? If not what would that fee be (approximately) to accomplish this and could I use a low fee and simply wait it out understanding it might take a day or more to get confirmed?

How low could I possibly go?

Sorry for the long winded question just wanted to explain why I need a low fee- I don’t want to pay $2 to fund a $4 single address.

Or is there a better way to accomplish this?

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