In addition to bitcoin, how many of you also have investments in stuff that is less volatile?

So I’m super happy with my decision to invest (is that the right term when applied to btc?) in bitcoin, but now I’m thinking about how I should diversify my portfolio. Obviously btc is high risk, high reward, and I do intend on holding for the long term, but I also want some other long term investments – such as maybe index funds, etc.

The problem is that I don’t even know where to start! I opened a Roth IRA, but the idea that I can’t withdraw money from that until I’m 60 is kind of.. a bummer? Haha idk, I’m 26 now so it just seems so far away!

But is that the way to go? Max out my Roth IRA contributions for each year and invest that money into index funds? I also have a high yield savings account.

Maybe this is a better topic to post in the personal finance sub, but curious what others here are doing!

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