The Race to Buy Bitcoin

Whichever company starts buying Bitcoin for its treasury is going to start earning brand loyalty like they have never imagined. Tesla has basically ousted lambo. Who is next?

Samsung? I already switched from iphone to Galaxy because of more crypto apps in the playstore.

Walmart? Underdog here and just might do so in order to shake off its old, dusty image. It is inevitable they will, by moving early they would gain loyalty.

Amazon? They are already hiring coders that specialize in crypto.

Apple? Let's face it Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs. If Steve were alive he would probably have bought even before Elon Musk. Tim Cook just tortures us with Port changes and overpriced cables. 🤦‍♂️🤣

Alphabet? 137 Billion in cash and an image of being an evil creep now. Let's face it google has turned into a creepy old man.

Facebook? Should read Faceboomer. It has gone from a cool site to an app that violates privacy and plays mindgames and causes depression. Diem is bullshit. Needs a serious image makeover. About turn to buy Bitcoin?

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