“I Will Buy BTC When It Crashes Again”

I hear this sentiment loads of times from people who never got in on the boat and I find it funny.

I started lurking a while ago, then joined the community later and did my DD. I kinda knew that after the halving Bitcoin was gonna go to the moon, but unfortunately I needed to spend most of my savings because I bought a small ass apartment a year prior and I needed to pay taxes (we have a VERY unreasonable taxing system in our country for new buyers). I was left with a measly emergency fund so at the time I could not invest in it and just kinda wished luck to the people who were able to and told some to do just that.

Fast-forward a couple of months, BTC is at an ath after ath and the people around me went bonkers.

"Oh my god, had I invested in 2013…"

"Had I invested last June or May or or or…"

"Had I invested $200 way back when Bitcoin was worth x I would have y amount of money now!"

I, finally, after a lucky couple of months had enough money that I did not sweat and started out with buying smallish amounts every now and then when I felt it was right. I got in at around $30K and been diligently buying ever since. Now people around me keep saying they will only get in when Bitcoin crashes big and then they will ride the boat.

While that might happen, I really suggest to newcomers to buy some, store it on a hardware wallet and forget about it if you're waiting for the Big Crash. It might come, but it also might not. If it does, you can buy more and ride to the moon. If it moons again, you ride to the moon either way. And here's why I find the title funny:

The same people who say this will say the same thing when Bitcoin reaches $100K, 200K and hopefully even more in the future. Remember this sentence, because it will be recycled from now on for years, but always with different variables.

To all you hodlers: 🚀🚀🚀

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