If you want the price of Bitcoin to go up…

…don't store Bitcoins on other people's equipment, where they can be rehypothecated. The rehypothecation of gold via "paper gold" has stalled the price of gold – do you want criminals to be able to suppress the price of Bitcoin, too? I don't.

For example, move Bitcoins off exchanges, don't lend them. Buy actual Bitcoins instead of ETFs, Grayscale stock, etc.

Furthermore, "Not your keys, not your Bitcoins."

Governments are going to become desperate as their fiat currencies fail and go to zero. In their desperation, they will figure out that custodial Bitcoins are low hanging fruit and easy to confiscate. The custodians will gladly hand over your Bitcoins to keep their own butts out of jail.

Don't just hand over your wealth like that. Maintain actual ownership of actual Bitcoins in your own wallet. A little prevention goes a long way.

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