The best thing that you can do for bitcoin… other than buying it

Spread the word, education is key, Educate your friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, people at work, your boss, everybody you know.

Consult them on how bitcoin works and the benefits it has, explain to them the blockchain technology and usefulness of bitcoin in the future with our failing government and fiat inflation.

The more people that understand the way that bitcoin works and the benefits it has, the more adopted, main stream, utilized and normal it will become, which will in return make it go higher.

One of the main reasons regular people don’t like bitcoin is because people don’t like things they don’t understand, especially older or stubborn people that are very stuck in their ways with the current Fiat system that’s failing before their eyes.

People are more interested in BTC now as opposed to years ago, due to the fact that it’s on the news almost every day, but most still don’t fully understand how it works or even how to buy it. The news fails to explain that for some reason, but even though it is catching attention, if people don’t understand how it works they won’t invest into it.

A lot of people didn’t understand how the Internet worked and chose to turn a blind eye to it, I’m sure they’re kicking themselves now for not listening maybe to that one family member or friend who tried to educate them on it.


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