PSA – Been in the game a while? Check your email and cloud storage.

I had a good day today. Got my Trezor set up to add my newly purchased BTC from this week after having been out of the game since 2014 due to losing faith in crypto (lost a few hundred…)

In setting up the Trezor, I linked Dropbox for labelling. Hadn’t used Dropbox in years. There was a file on my Dropbox account called BTC. It contained the login details to a wallet I had no idea I had. Following a pretty stressful 10 minutes where I had to remember the password, I managed to get in.

~0.15 forgotten Bitcoin! £5k! I know it’s not huge in re-discovered crypto terms, but that’s significantly dropped my average price per unit if nothing else!

So do me a favour, go in your emails and cloud storage and search Bitcoin, Btc, crypto, exchange etc. And see if you forgot you were on an exchange back in the day. And if you find some come and share the news with me as I’m riding fucking high right now and would like some company.

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