What I don’t understand…

Why are there so many posts like "I have $100-$1000, should I put it all in now or buy later?" Usually people like this are teens or millennials, which to them, this might feel like alot of money. We are so early in Bitcoin that $1000 is about 2 milllion satoshis. Do you really think you will only be worth $1000 by the time you need to retire in 40-50 years? No.

So just buy bitcoin, if it goes to $0, who cares. Or the more likely outcome is bitcoin is worth millions of dollars (if dollars exist) and you are set for retirement. Just buy the bitcoin ticket and keep it somewhere safe(don't lose your keys) and don't touch it. Don't day-trade it.

Whenever you sell, whales are buying your sats and will be holding them forever and you're going to have to buy less for more later. Do you want to holds your sats forever or do you want to let the whales hold it for themselves?

Please everyone, think of the bigger picture.

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