Help! I need to recover my Bitcoin wallet from my old computer and have no idea what I’m doing. My $100 I put in 2014 is now worth $7,000.

Hey guys. Kinda anxious about this. Disclaimer: I'm kinda dumb. I'm not nearly as tech-savvy as many people reading this might be. But I need help. Apologies in advance if this question comes across silly.

TL;DR: I bought .15 Bitcoin back in 2014 for $100 and today that's worth ~$7,000. I deleted my old wallet accidentally and would like to recover it so I can cash out.

So in 2014, I bought $100 of Bitcoin on my old high school computer. Then I forgot that I did that. I moved several times and brought my computer with me. At some point along the way, I deleted the Bitcoin Core app and all its contents because, well, I'm fucking dumb.

Anyway, I found some old emails from the exchange I used showing that I had bought .15 Bitcoin and transferred it to my wallet. Cool.

I went to go search for my wallet/the Bitcoin Core app and couldn't find it because I deleted it.

Commence Recovery Process

I did a data recovery thing and was able to fish out the wallet.dat file from my hard drive. Last modified: 2017. Cool, this has to be the one.

Now, here's where I'm lost.

I did some digging online and saw that one way to potentially recover your wallet was to past wallet.dat into Library/ApplicationSupport/Bitcoin/wallets. That's what I did, as seen here.

The problem is, I don't know where to go from here.

Bitcoin Core is still syncing with the network, and that may take a couple more days with my shitty internet. Here's where I've been stuck for a while..

When I go to File>Open Wallet, the only menu option is greyed out.

What steps do I need to take from here to recover my wallet? Did I do this correctly so far?

I'm anxious about this because I could really use the funds now. Like, bad. If anyone can walk me through this and help me recover it, I'm open to sending a substantial tip your way.

Thanks for reading.

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