Talking real numbers (Throw Away account)

I'm in my 50's. First looked at Bitcoin in 2014. It was right around $600 at the time. Thought it was interesting so I looked into buying some. All the avenues to purchase seemed kind of "scammy" too me and the whole thing just felt like a possible pyramid scheme …so I decided against it and forgot about it.

2017 – it really started to move so I decided to do a deeper dive this time. Read the white paper…was blown away. Listened to Andreas Antonopoulos…was blown away. I decided I was going to throw 32k into the market. Bought 2.37 BTC at a little over 6k. Bought 32 ETH and 106 LTC…I put all of that in a "self directed IRA account". Sat on that to this day…but started buying more as well.

Since then I've dumped in another 65k (over 4 years). About half of it went into GBTC via my and my wife's Roth accounts. The rest went on a ledger. Never bought anymore LTC, but have bought a little more ETH (current holding is a little over 45). The BTC is now at 8.36.

That puts my total crypto holdings over 500k now…from a little under 100k invested. I still DCA BTC using SWAN Bitcoin…and still add to the GBTC from time to time.

This isn't a "humble brag" there are many that have WAY more than me…including many people reading this. Its just a real world example. I'm not a trader, I buy and hold. I've been lucky to make a decent living…and lucky to dig into Bitcoin when I did…even though it could have been years sooner.

Where it goes from here will be interesting to see. My hope is to retire after 2 more halvings (maybe 1).

I'll leave you with a quote:

"Every now and then, say "What the fuck." "What the fuck" gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future…"

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