Your current exchange is not going to be able to sell you Bitcoin in the not-so-distant future

As a reminder, here's some food for thought: Once enough companies (especially more financial institutions) start gobbling up all the BTC like a feeding frenzy of rich and starving wolves, getting your's won't just be an issue of unaffordable prices, regulations, high fees, whatever… exchanges just WILL NOT have any Bitcoin available for average retail investors like you and me. Bitcoin will be sold out all over the place. These companies have the money and resources to beat you to it, one way or another. Exchanges will solely be the middlemen for these institutions, and you're not getting a piece of their stock before a large scale company does. The supply shortage is already starting to happen, and we don't even have a very large percentage of institutions involved just yet. If, a big IF, you're even legally able to buy Bitcoin p2p, it will be outrageously upcharged in addition to its giant price tag, muuuch more than a typical p2p fee is these days, simply because of supply and demand.

Unless you're comfortably stocked up in a private wallet before this happens, you're inevitably going to be KYC'ing yourself into the institution that has the best prices or terms for your needs. You just WILL NOT have access to buying BTC as seamlessly as you do now, or at least as close to the source (miners) as you currently have the ability to, future prices and regulations aside. Obviously at a certain point here, mining rewards will be dwindling down to fractional amounts, so with exchanges being sold out, it isn't like they're going to be getting an adequate amount of stock that you can just wait to buy at a later date. 21 million BTC, subtract roughly 3 million (and counting) lost coins through the deceased and/or people losing their keys. So, approximately 18 million BTC for the rising population of the entire globe, including retail buyers, institutions, churches (why not?), and powerful companies, both public and private. Please marinate on that. Stock up WISELY while it's early, HODL, and congrats to all of you that have your Bitcoin stored privately. I promise you are ahead of the game, no doubt.

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