Is there a way for our community to be more decentralized in our broad spectrum non technical decision making?

I understand there is a lot more that goes into Monero than just coding upgrades and keyboard sweat. I value and greatly appreciate the developers and many others who put so much work and time into our community. I in addendum also understand that not everyone within our walls is able to code whether it be due to lack of time or lack ok skill and know how. With this having all been said; I get that there’s the matrix channels as well as other means of communication between core community members and those willing to pop in and ask questions such as right here on reddit.

However I feel as though this past year has been fairly turbulent in the way of open communication between the general consensus of core community members for the non coding/technical decisions they make and the general community of Moneroites having an opinion or say on those decisions that affect Monero and all of us as a whole. We are an absolutely amazing group of highly skilled and highly intelligent people.

Is there not a way for us to create a system where everyone who desires to have a vote cast on the more non-technical aspects of what our community does has their voice be heard?

I myself have no place to speak in regards to being an outstanding developer or game changer in the Monero community. I do what I can when I can in regards to marketing and other small projects as well as bringing awareness to those around me as I’m sure many of you also do.

Just some things I have been thinking about.

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