My mom doesn’t know how to set her iPhone on silent, but she asked me to buy her bitcoins

I live in the US and she lives in Mexico. I have been talking about bitcoin to our family group chat but stopped posting my gain.

One day my mom asked me “could you send Bitcoin from the US to Mexico?” You all know the answer to the question so when presented with the solution to international wire transfer of value, she was sold on the idea and what it represents.

Obviously, she doesn’t understand the ins and outs of the whole bitcoin monetary system. But one of the benefits of bitcoin is the solution to one of my mom’s problems. And that is enough.

I want to remind everyone that the regular people, the peeps, the neighbors, those are the people that benefit the most, is the regular people. We all can benefit from bitcoin one way or another. Let’s take advantage of bitcoins multitude of features and look at them as solutions for problems and explain them to regular people.

Not everyone needs to know how to run their own nose or what the algorithm of PoW is. Etc they sometimes just need to know that you can send it to your family in another country and they can exchange that for their fiat and use it. Yes it’s a new step, but it’s one with no restrictions and bigger fees…

IfTLDR; my mom is buying because she benefits from one of the many good things Bitcoin has to offer. And that is enough for her to see value in it. People just need one good reason.

Ps. My mom is buying, early adoption is over

Edit: running your own node

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