To all of those new people wondering, Is it too late to get in?

No. and let me explain why.

Even if you don't understand bitcoin at a mathematical level (which trust me, only about 1-2% of people actively developing do), you can understand that it's the first store of value of its kind to ever exist since the dawn of humanity.

Now who would care right? Why does that matter? lots of currency and store of values have failed in the thousands of years of written history, right?

True! even the U.S. dollar which was pegged to gold in the 1970's was technically pegged to something, but even that currency (which Pres. Nixon made totally fiat), had its faults and was still ultimately controlled by government and central banks. And to add to that, most true fiat currency (a currency pegged by literally nothing other than people's belief it has value) lasts only around 200 years average.

Now you may ask wtf does this have to do with bitcoin being a good investment when its worth around 49-50k (USD). Which is totally valid, you SHOULD ask that.

I would answer, look at the money printing going on globally. The U.S. is one of the most egregious money printers trying to keep wall street and the "common person" afloat while simultaneously printing upwards of 22% of total national debt in a SINGLE year. This means if you live in the U.S. your currency in a free market should buy you around 22% less of "things" in that year. AND IT WONT STOP ANYTIME SOON.

But the government knows the common person doesn't understand that, so they make the inflation grow over time using policy and bonds while keeping the stock market high so it seems as if the economy is doing great! But mind you the U.S. isn't the only nation doing this, not even close. (look at Britain and the EU with their NEGATIVE bond rates).

Second, bitcoin is the only store of value with a cap (21 million which can be broken down into INFINITE pieces). Humans are very smart, and any resource (including gold) if truly needed can be created (or mined on an asteroid). If you look at literally any fiat currency, an infinite amount can be created.

Third, Bitcoin is decentralized and no single government or nation can dictate what happens to the network or how the fund should be spent and to whom. They can threaten that they will ban it (like China and India), but ultimately if hundreds of thousands of people use it, there's almost nothing they can do to stop you.

So yes, bitcoin at roughly 50k is still a HARD bargain. I wouldn't be surprised if we see levels far surpassing 100k (USD) by the end of 2021 if not more if the financial institutions continue to pile on. It may feel as if you're late to the party, but you aren't. And if you have even a small appetite for medium risk with potentially huge reward, bitcoin is the answer.

(This is not financial advise, just one person's opinion).

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