How do I ‘level up’?

Hi there,

I have been a hodler. Mostly BTC, but lately also ADA. But all the way through also a bit of privacy coins. I burned my fingers on Verge, but my Monero are doing well.

That's all fine and dandy.

Now to the real question.

I am becoming more and more aware that privacy is needed. I mean, really needed. Not just wanted, but really a necessity.

I like Cardano. It has a lot of good ideas and project, lots of research. It is pushing some boundaries. But as far as I can see, it will never be useful, for one reason. It's even less private than Bitcoin.

I do not have an education in computer science, but I have played around a bit and even earned some money doing websites and some Java programming.

I think I am ready to learn more deeply about Monero, or perhaps a different privacy oriented coin, if you have suggestions, but I guess not, since this is the Monero group.

To be honest, I am not sure what I want to do. But I would like to understand it a lot better, and hopefully, in due time, be able to develop useful things for me or for others.

I am not looking to get rich fast, I am not looking for a full time job. I am happy with my job. But I believe it will make just so much sense to understand, but eventually also to be able to really work with 'future-money'.

I suppose Bitcoin will still be the best investment moneywise for many years still. But eventually I can't imagine a massadoption of a coin that is not highly privacy-oriented.

So, how should I go ahead and learn. What will be a good, rather deep, but not taking forever, general introduction for now, and I suppose an even deeper introductioin/getting started actually working with programming/smart contracts or what-ever is the right way for a guy who undertands computers and technology a lot better than economy and tradingpatterns and shit like that. 🙂

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