The Happy Accident of a Middle Aged Guy researching Cryptocurrency.

I think I just set a new high watermark for how much of a clueless middle aged white guy I truly am.

I've been researching the idea of putting some assets into Cryptocurrency as a hedge against what I think will be an upcoming market correction (my unverifyable "gut" is telling me a 40%-50% correction before the end of this year) and I have been seeing some very compelling discussions about crypto being a virtual version of other "hard assets". (i.e. it's the millennial version of "gold bugs")

So I look around and see articles saying that for the true completely inexperience novice (me in a nutshell) Coinbase is a good starting point, but with slightly higher fees. So I go to coinbase to take a look, figure I will create an account and look around. I click on log in and… wait… lastpass filled in an account name.

Turns out I have a coinbase account already…

Turns out I did experiment in the past (3/19)..

Turns out I bought $150 in BTC then… (thinking back I think it was the proceeds from a decent Poker night with some friends, which I had completely forgotten about)

Turns out I have around $2k in crypto already.

I'm an old…. who just found $2000 in the virtual couch cushions of the interwebs.

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