Do you randomly have 500 satoshis in lntipbot? Want to withdraw? Read this!

So somebody has most likely tipped you using the lntip bot and you’ve now got 500 satoshis sitting around here on Reddit and you want to actually withdraw it to your own wallet, you have a few choices here:

You can simply leave it here on Reddit and take all the time you need to learn about and understand the lightning network, then you can come back here and withdraw it when you’re comfortable.

Otherwise you can jump right in and download a lightning enabled bitcoin wallet!

Here are some wallets I recommend;

Bluewallet – Zap – Wallet of Satoshi –

There are more Lightning wallets available but I’ll just start with recommending these 3.

Now what you want to do is create a Lightning wallet within the app, I’ll be using bluewallet as an example.

Once you open bluewallet you want to create a new wallet and make sure you are selecting “Lightning” as the wallet type. Then simply just tap receive and create an “invoice” for however many satoshis you wish to withdraw from lntip bot.

Once you have your invoice copied you just simply need to message u/lntipbot with the following


(Make sure to remove the brackets)

then simply send that as a message and instantly your satoshis will be sent to your lightning wallet!

It’s 4:30am here and I’m dead tired so hopefully someone in the comments can help anyone out who is still having trouble!

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