How do I stop stroking my ego?

With the continuous increase in the BTC price ever since March, it's finally starting to set in that my buying is paying off big time.

However, over the past couple weeks, I've started to frequently brag to myself in my own head about "Yeah, I'm the man" and "Damn, I didn't think I would retire THIS quick" and all this ego stuff. Over the past couple of days it's started to get really bad to the point that all I do during the day is pace around and think about how "set" I am and pretending that I'm better than everyone I know.

I know this is very unhealthy but idk how to stop stoking my ego. I'm starting to put off my homework and stuff and I'm about to fail one of my classes too because instead of doing my homework and studying I'm just stroking my ego.

I think I'm starting to become an asshole

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