To everyone who bought before this bull run

Congratulations you guys, you are the smart cookies.

I bought after the bull run in 2017 at around £7k and pulled out after losing a few hundred. I checked the price and considered buying in when it was around £3/4K and rising but still sat it out.

I finally bought in around December 20th thanks to encouragement from a friend and have since became a little obsessed (read The Basics of Bitcoin and Blockchain, The Bitcoin Standard, now starting Digital Gold). As someone who has a degree in tech but foolishly overlooked reading a little deeper into it I don’t think I’ll be able to get over my mistake anytime soon, especially with the highs we’re going to see this bull run…

I may not make my millions this cycle, but maybe the next one. So again, if you bought in when it was a hell of a lot easier to acquire 1 coin, congratulations… and fuck you.

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