Two accounts in the GUI wallet, same computer though?

Hi! Thank you for your support system on here! I love it!!

My question is this-

I have a computer and I downloaded the official GUI wallet of monero. I created my account, wrote down my seed words, deposited some XMR into already and so far, so good I guess. I still am bit confused about a lot of stuff monero wise and this wallet as well, but those questions are for another post! This question is about my daughter-

She wants to get her some XMR as well. Question-

Can I log out of my account on my computer, log back in as a new user so to speak and create her another acct? Like with her own seed words, etc? One that she can log into on my computer while I;m not using it, and do her things in the computers only GUI wallet I downloaded onto it?

( Btw, I'm still fairly newgreenish somewhat! in case ya didn't know, haha) Thanks for any help!!

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