Bitcoin outperforms me. And probably most of us.

I first discovered Bitcoin back in 2010. Installed the wallet, clicked around for a bit, didn't understand anything and forgot about it without getting any coins. In the end of 2013 I noticed the news that Bitcoin is nearing $1000 which felt crazy at the time so I started to dig into this topic. I figured it was too late to buy Bitcoin since it has already peaked so I decided to go for altcoins and mine them. After a bit of searching and asking on bitcointalk some guy just replied to me:

– Don't bother, just buy Bitcoin.

I thought – pfft, what a silly thing to say, there's no way Bitcoin will go past $1000ish bucks ever, I'm gonna invest $10k into GPUs and build mining rigs. Lots of problems with hardware, many nights I woke up on alerts that something has crashed. Pretty fast mining was getting less and less profitable, but at least I was able to return my initial investment.

Then I switched to running mining pools for all the shitcoins that were launching as it appeared more profitable compared to mining myself. Again – investments, sleepless nights. Still was able to get back my investments and even make some on top, but nothing lifechanging. Bitcoin was worth like $500 at this time. Then shitcoin pools became less and less profitable so I went for just trading. Probably lost more than I gained there but got bored with this shit and sold all for cash thinking crypto space is going to die in 2015 anyway.

I was trying not to look at Bitcoin charts in 2017 as it filled me with regrets that I sold it all when instead I could be a millionaire if I didn't.

In 2019 I thought – ok, I'm gonna buy some Bitcoin this time and see where it goes, coz the technology is actually awesome (I understood that back in 2014, but concluded majority of people on Earth are just too dumb to get it). So I risked some of my savings to buy a bit of BTC and went on with my life.

Now in 2021 I realized – that guy on bitcointalk in 2013 was right all along. If I'd listened to him and just put all the money that I was willing to risk in Bitcoin I'd be much wealthier now. And I wouldn't have to do anything! No need to put in tons of effort, no need to wake up at night coz some server or GPU went down, no need to look at charts and reading news and forms and worthless shitcoins "whitepapers". And there would be no need for me to return to 9-5 job for ears after I dumped crypto because I failed to make enough money to retire.

Even that small investment in Bitcoin that I made in 2019 now outperforms me quite a bit.

Bitcoin will likely outperform you if you think to invest some money into starting a business. Heck, people say Tesla's investment in Bitcoin outperforms Tesla's profits that it makes by selling cars (their main business!).

The moral of the story is this:

– Don't bother, just buy Bitcoin.

PS: I don't know if it's good or bad for the economy in general. It seems smarter to just buy Bitcoin instead of putting a lot of money and effort into starting a business, investing in education or buying real estate and as a result giving back value to the society. But it is what it is.

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