Guys I’m so happy I recovered my pizzas finally!!!!

I sold 35 bitcoin for 3 pizzas back in 2011 and totally forgotten all about the pizza until a few days ago when a buddy of mine asked if I ever ate them. I couldn't really remember being so long ago, but I immediately went to my fridge. I looked for about 3 hours in there and finally found what might be 3 pizzas, I couldn't really tell but I also found a google doc on how to recover my pizzas. I tried all night but couldn't remember my password, but then I called a pizza recovery service near me, and the guy was totally cool and used brute force password tech to recover my pizzas, I had to give him half of my pizzas but man was it worth it, I'm living large now with 1.5 pizzas . I think I will just hodl them for awhile till I can talk to my tax guy as see what's up. Just wanted to share this story about my pizzas. Its a happy day for me guys. you all take care.

ps.. they are all cheese and peperoni if anyone cares.

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