Hello World CCS – a video on the importance of fungibility

Hey I posted before about my first CCS proposal, which in retrospect was a bit much to do all at once. I just started with an idea of Monero on a billboard in times square and worked my way back to all the pieces I'd need to get that final idea realized, but it had a lot of steps. Someone from the Monero Outreach program commented and noted that it should be necessary to have some community history, and I agreed, to be honest I'd very much like to still do that first proposal eventually, but first I'd like to do a sort of Hello World CCS proposal. One single thing needed that's already estimated. The simplest thing to do.

Currently I'm thinking getting financing for a short animated video explaining the importance of fungibility in money and how crazy it would be if your money didn't have fungibility. It will be a bit of a smear campaign on bitcoin, how can you explain the boons of fungibility without pointing out a set that doesn't have the fungibility property? While at the same time I want to show Bitcoin Maximalists that they're wrong. Not in their ideals, but that Monero has what they thought Bitcoin was.

Fungibility is such a nice specific mathematic term, but all it means in common parlance is the coins are equal, just saying bitcoin isn't fungible isn't enough for most people, and part of it is because it's too mathematic, I want people to see that a lack of equality in their currency is a bit crazy.

Is anyone interested in such a proposal? I'd imagine people would be. I haven't written the actual CCS proposal yet, but would like to keep people updated as to what I'm doing. I'd imagine it will be a relatively small proposal, easy to get an estimate for, small amount needed for funding, easily created. A nice little Hello World proposal.

(Also did you know there have only been 212 CCS proposals?! What the heck! That's so low!)

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