Random thought: monero privacy-focused products would lead to monero adoption and influx into monero. More monero buzz = more adoption. This isn’t cheesy marketing.

I was just thinking, I believe if some of the monero community started coming out with a suite of privacy focused monero branded products, people would buy more XMR (unless the projects got greedy and came out with their own no use-case coin)

ETH erc-20 “projects” have no use-case. Even the traditional stock market stocks have no use-case and are detached from company revenue (excluding dividend paying ones)

People buy eth tokens and stocks, but there’s just no utility or use-case other than selling to a greater fool speculation. Monero has actual real use-case.

I know marketing is sort of shunned but this is a cooler way of marketing monero without cat calling Elon musk. It’s part of the community delivering real products, building cool shit that people wanna be part of and have some sort of ownership in.

Just sayin, something to think about.

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