How could transactions become faster?

One problem that I have noticed with Monero is that the transactions are way to slow even if they are only 10 minutes. The problem is that if the transactions are 10 minutes it may significantly hinder adoption among certain demographics.

For example here in Sweden we have a system called Swish that allows you to send transactions instantly and is very commonly used among others for sending basic things such as: "I am missing $10 to buy this thing. Can you send me $10 and I will pay you back later?" or "How about we all chip in on purchasing this. If we all just send Alice then she can pay for us all and we can get it cheaper."

This seems very common among teens and that 10 minutes that somebody needs to wait for you to be able to purchase something seems like a thing that can be a deal breaker.

Is there any way that transactions under $100 or something similar only require 1-2 confirmations to become unlocked. I get that 10 confirmations may be good for if you need to receive a large amount and there is an incentive for somebody to invest money to do a 51% attack but this is just way too extreme for most users.

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