I am converted.

tl;dr : I argued back then, I see the light now, it's liberating.

I'm one of the many hundreds of thousands that were told 3 or 4 years ago around a table full of drinks that this is the future, this is the way, invest your money now, and did not.

My main argument against was that (and I'm paraphrasing) "if it's value lies in its ability to be a currency, why is it I never hear of people buying anything with it, only investing in it, gambling on it's worth from week to week, month to month. Sure people buy Bitcoin but they don't buy anything with Bitcoin so it's just a fad, a fucking digital beanie baby"

Obviously, I had no clue what I was talking about as a drunk 25 year old who'd done zero research. But in the past week and a half, fermented by Tesla and reassured by that same friend, I've consumed a lot of content, l staked my claim and am converted. It's exciting to be 'outside the system'.

Ironically, the other night my bank would not verify payment to Satoshi labs for a hardware wallet, keeping my stake on an exchange (which I've been warned about) for now. But this just hammered home the point of it all. I am a convert and I believe in the future of crypto. I believe in its real world applicability.

Cheers and a blessed hodl to all!

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