Is it possible for an average Joe to contribute to Monero in any meaningful way?

Greetings to everybody.

Like most people here, I guess, I've become deeply interested in Monero after learning the issues that other cryptocurrencies have. I am very enthusiastic about Monero and I would be willing to devote my free time to contribute to the project. However, before spending time getting involved with the technical aspects, I would like to have a sense for how feasible it is for a volunteer developer to make or propose any significant changes or to contribute in any technical way to the project. The reason I ask this is because I am not knowledgeable in cryptography, at least at a technical level. I am familiar with some cryptographic concepts, but I haven’t formally studied cryptography. So I guess what I am asking could be summarized into: do you need to be academically involved with cryptography to contribute to the project or is it possible to learn the required technical skills in my free time? For you to get an idea of the kind of math I would be comfortable with, I have a Msc in physics. I’m also used to coding as it is part of my job.


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