Monerocean stats don’t register my 2nd miner

Look, so, to make this clear, I am brand new to mining. I have a couple of desktops sitting around that are off most of the time. I thought I would put them to mining, CPU only, because the video cards are valuable to me, and neither of them are new.

That being said, I have two separate machines running that do very little hashing.

My problem is, on MY PC, I've got XMRig ocean branch set up, running, and the monerocean website registers my miner just fine.

I copied the config file to my 2nd machine, got it up and running, hashing away.. but, monerocean doesn't register the 2nd miner, and I assume all the hash work is going to waste.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I assumed by just copying the config.json file over to the 2nd machine, I'd end up with a 2nd miner mining the same pool.

It would appear on the machine itself that it is mining the pool just fine. Clearly connected to the right IP and port, with the correct user ID, but.. if it is hashing on it's own, my stats drop to 0, and monerocean only shows 1 registered miner at any time.

Thoughts? I'm sorry if this is stupid, but, I really thought getting 2 miners set up would be as simple as copying a config file and running them simultaneously.

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