How to decrease/avoid capital gains taxes on btc

If you cash in your btc on a platform that's linked to your us bank account And your not a resident of puerto rico. How to avoid taxes?

Looks like if your filing status is single and you make under 40k you pay 0% capital gains tax. If over 40k you pay 15% capital gains . Ouuucchhh

So I get a vpn, create an external wallet that is now clean. Next Send my btc to this wallet. Does that "separate" me from them. I just now need to find a way to cash out? Or will I still be traced by the tax man.

Fyi I fully plan to pay all taxes and follow all laws and tax laws and would never ask for advice to do anything to the contrary. I'm looking for information for personal research only. Fyi no animals were harmed in the making of this text

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