RPC Error Running Monero node as Docker on unRAID

I have a full Monero node running on my unRAID server, and my wallet successfully connects to it over the LAN, but a status check displays the following:

2021-02-21 01:07:53.417 I Monero 'Oxygen Orion' (v0.17.1.9-release) Error: Problem fetching info-- rpc_request: Height: 2301338/2301338 (100.0%) on mainnet, mining info unavailable, net hash 2.06 GH/s, v14, 0(out)+0(in) connections 

If I understand correctly this means my node isn't supporting the network. Googling that error brings up some vague reply about setting up "both restricted and unrestricted RPC ports", but they also give the following warning:

If you decide to run an unrestricted RPC port make sure it is not exposed to the internet!!! Otherwise you may be jeopardizing your privacy and allowing anyone to control your node and use your CPU to mine for their wallet.

They give no explanation on how to "set up both restricted and unrestricted RPC ports" safely though. The monerod reference documentation lays out all the commands, but I'm not sure exactly which ones I need to run and in what order.

If I just needed a secured RPC port then presumably I would need to run "–restricted-rpc", "–rpc-bind-ip", and then "–confirm-external-bind" (and then "–public-node"?) but I'm not sure about that. Would that require rerunning commands after every reboot? (Maybe I need to edit something in the config file instead?) But its even more complicated than that because the quote above mentions running both unsecured and secured ports (presumably the unsecured for my LAN and secured for WAN?) But I can't find any guides on how to accomplish this.

The node works well enough for keeping my own wallet synced on my LAN but I'd like to support the network and make the node available to others.

If you guys can help me get this working I'll write up a full guide on how to setup a Monero node in a Docker on unRAID because there are 0 out there and it was a bitch figuring out how to get this running (there's no easy pre-built templates in unRAID's Community Applications). I'm sure there's many unRAID users out there that would be running public nodes if there was a clear how-to guide available.

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