now has an .onion address, which makes it available natively on the Tor network!

I'm happy to announce that has now an onion mirror. This means Tor browser users can now visit Getmonero and download content without exiting from the Tor network! The address is:


We also activated the Onion-location feature, so that people browsing from Tor browser will be warned about the existence of the onion address and will be able to use it with just one click (try it now. Open your Tor Browser and go to

A file signed by binaryFate (Core Team) containing the onion address can be found at More info are in the Tor section of the README in the repository.

GitHub issue #904. Frontend changes added with PR #1458

Thanks to pigeons, Gus from Tari Labs, Fluffypony and binaryFate for working on this.

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