My biggest fear : Monero won’t scale

I have recently discovered Monero and sold a non-negligeable part of my bitcoin holding to start hodling XMR. I regard myself as a hardcore libertarian and strong supporter of the privacy features implemented by Monero. I am however worried the superior privacy offered by Monero will not be enough to make the coin succeed. My concern is scalability, The typical block size is currently 300kB for a typical transaction volume of 20k per day. So this is about 5×300 = 1.5MB for every 10 minutes for a transaction volume which is about 15 times less than that of bitcoin (300k per day say). So if Monero were to become widly used and reach a transaction volume of say just 200k per day, we would have 15MB of data needed every 10 minutes which is 10-15 more than what is needed for bitcoin. Even if we have a flexible block size system, I worry the cost of running a validation node would become too high for most people, and XMR would become a highly centralized coin as far as validation nodes are concerned.

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