[QUESTION] Using Monero during natural disasters?

I have known about Monero since it was first created and followed it closely up until 2017 then stopped. I have recently started to get back into crypto and have been mainly playing attention to Monero.

I was wondering if there has been any developments in the possibility of using Monero during situations where there is no electricity, or more importantly no internet. An example would be the recent state wide power outages in Texas during their recent snow storm. Many peppers keep cash on them so they can still purchase necessities during such a crisis, but I was wondering if the community has, or is planning, on coming up with a solution where Monero could possibly function in a similar manner (think people making transfers with their phones and not risking double spendings when they reconnect to the network)?

I know this is a problem with every crypto currency and even credit cards, but I was wondering if there is something cool I have missed out on in the past few years.

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