Xmr.is – Monero services (conversion,payment without kyc)

Hi all,

We just launched xmr.is in beta ! This version already offers two differents services:

  • Conversion XMR to BTC / BTC to XMR
  • Payment XMR to BTC / BTC to XMR

We don't need KYC process. Tor link available. No script. No data recorded.

All transactions go through a decentralized exchange system.

Fees: 0.5-1%

Sorry for the layout, it's a first version, we're going to upgrade that quickly !

Xmr.is is not a big innovative tool, it's just a tool to facilitate the use of monero.

A new service will be soon available through an API system.

Link: https://xmr.is

Onion link: http://qomjz74sbhbxvxk44bkwigzqihyeiconbvt2h5xqgwklmurfahtltjid.onion/



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