A few questions about setting up a node.

I want to run a full node for the network. I'm trying to understand all the networking stuff and having a hard time. I have a local private node already, full unpruned blockchain, just want to open it up to help the network. Here's my main questions, getting up-to-date answers on these would go a long way for me;

  1. Is running a full public node on a computer I use for other things safe? The computer I want to use the most is currently used for wallets for other coins and a view only wallet for my xmr. Could a bad actor get my keys by connecting to my node/open ports? What about other computers on my local network? I can deal with the inconvenience of moving wallets to cold storage, but there are other people on my network that need the network to work from home on their actual day jobs, and pretty much making any changes to the network that they could even notice, even positive changes is a no-go. It's not my name on the account with the isp, so I really don't have very much control over things on the router level, and my roommates are classic examples of willful ignorance that think privacy doesn't matter if you have "nothing to hide," Linux post 1995 is for black-hat hackers, and terms&conditions aren't worth reading.

  2. Is running the node over a vpn doable? I'm on a combination router/modem provided my my isp, and it seems to love disconnecting computers from the WiFi at random when they're mining and I'm out at work, unless I use a vpn. I assume that they assume anything related to randomx is malware. I'd rather not start a dialog about a privacy coin with a company that literally gets awards on a regular basis for being a shitty company.

  3. What would be the appropriate firewall rules to put in place? I'm using the gui wallet, Ubuntu 20.04 with UFW as a firewall and occasionally doing scans with clamav right now. I know this isn't exactly the subreddit to ask about that, but the whole Internet security topic is covered in more astroturf than the 2020 NFL season, I just don't know the most trustworthy places to start looking.

Gonna go learn a bunch of stuff about Internet infrastructure and networking. If anybody can help me safely set up a node in the meantime, that would be awesome.

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