First time buyer

Hi, I'm new to buying crypto. I want to keep transactions private. Cash is the most private.

I'm considering P2P. But…

If I'm buying 1-2K of Monero, seems sketchy to show up with that cash. I don't want to get punched in the throat or stabbed or something… I have a family I usually like to see every day.

The localmonero site says there isn't escrow for P2P… so what prevents the guy from offing me, walking off with my cash, and then saying I never showed up?

If I do cash by mail, I know there's an escrow service; but sending that cash also seems sketchy. And, some of the localmonero ads say "cancel and create new trade" if the price goes up. This seems sketchy… if I cancel, then the seller can walk with my money.

Is it better to do smaller 1-2 XMR deals and develop a relationship with the buyer?

Thanks for any thoughts.

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