Employer WANTS to Pay me in BTC!

Preface: I'm a Realtor in the USA, Michigan.
So, I've gotten a worm in my broker's (my employer) ear about converting part of our balance sheet to Bitcoin, but they are apprehensive. Curious – but very wary.

I mentioned I would be willing to help prove the power, utility, and safeness of BTC as a store of value and begin taking my commission checks in BTC. They said "if you can tell me how we can do so in a safe, easy, legal (regarding taxes) way, I won't just pay your commissions – I'll advertise to the community that we are doing that and begin converting part of our balance…" etc.

My question/the "issue."
Everywhere I'm looking seems to more specifically be referring to paying BTC in regards to wages. I don't earn a wage – I'm paid commission. I can't really seem to find anywhere a definitive "guide," so to speak, on what the steps are…specifically what the liability, legal, and tax steps are.

Does anyone have experience with this? Or a handy guide?

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