Got drunk last night. woke up with a beer on my nightstand, and $31k worth of Bitcoin in my coinbase wallet.

One of the crazier nights I’ve had in my young illustrious life . Ended up getting talked into going out to a patio bar/restaurant situation for HH, had a great night and was in bed by midnight like a boss. Woke up just now looking for my phone, found it! It was on the floor. Unlocked it, and I apparently spent close to all the money I have in savings on btc @ $48.9k last night . For a min my dumb brain was like ‘cancel it you idiot’ but then I remembered I can’t. It’s cool because that was fate though sometimes we make good decisions when drunk and who am I to stifle drunk _____’s decision making? Nobody. That’s who. Thanks dude don’t even worry about the fridge it’s cool we can buy another one

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